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The Rubber City Road Rally isn’t just about who finishes first…it’s a road course, scavenger hunt, trivia contest, dinner, socializing and lots of FUN!

What is a road rally?
A: It is a predetermine road course along Summit County byways with a "scavenger hunt" thrown in to make the route more interesting and challenging.

Who can participate?
A: Anyone who can drive, listen to their navigator and is 21 years or older. A driver and navigator are necessary, although additional passengers are welcome and add to the fun. Warning: Choose your navigator wisely. If you are thinking of selecting your spouse, you may want to think again. SCHS is not responsible for any spats that may erupt during and after the road rally course. If there are four or more of you attending, consider breaking up into teams (wives against husbands?)

Do I need a special car to drive in the road rally?
A: NO. Your 1978 wood-paneled Chrysler station wagon will work just fine. If you happen to have a classic car, the rally is a fun way to take it for a spin through the countryside.

What are the rules?
A: Rules and rally packets will be given to the participants at the designated start line the day of the rally. Please note: This is Not a race and speed is not the determining factor to win. Timing, number of miles driven and answering questions correctly along the way determine the winner. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes are awarded.

What else?
A: This year’s destination is the Akron Woman’s City Club at 732 W. Exchange Street, Akron, Ohio 44302. There will be dinner stations, libations and raffle items available.

Do I need to participate in the road rally course to attend the dinner?
A: No you do not. You can still attend the event without traveling the road rally course.

Who does this rally benefit?
A: The Summit County Historical Society of Akron, Ohio, a non-profit organization since 1924.

What about cost and the time of the event:
A: This year the event fee is $75 per person ($65 per member). Rally participants meet at the designated start location (Perkins Stone Mansion) at 2:00 p.m. for sign-in, instructions and rally packets. The first car goes off at 2:30 p.m.. Doors open for appetizers and drinks and the first rally car arrives at the Akron Woman’s City Club at 4:00 p.m. followed by dinner stations and raffle item browsing. Winner announcements will be made at 6:15 p.m. and the party continues on the front porch of the Perkins Stone Mansion with a chance to view Akron from the roof.

Where and how can I make reservations?
A: There are several ways to make your reservations. (1) Print out the form, fill in the applicable areas and mail along with your check made payable to The Summit County Historical Society of Akron, Ohio, Attn: Road Rally, 550 Copley Rd., Akron, Ohio 44320; (2) email your information to SCHS and send in your check; (3) call SCHS at 330-535-1120.